Activities In The Field

Theme Major Activities Result/Effect Impact
Building Organization SHG formation
  • 111 No. of SHG have been formed.
  • 1661 total no. of members (in which 1500 women and 161 are male members)
  • Total Amount saved Rs. 7’346’737/- (Rs. Seventy three lacks forty six thousands seven hundred and thirty seven only)
  • Total Loaning Rs. 9’565’776.00 (Rs. Ninety five lacks sixty five thousands seven hundreds seventy six only)
  • 38 SHGs are in the process of Bank linkages
  • Developed habit of saving money
  • Unity & Integrity
  • Raising collective voice of human/legal rights
  • Changing standard of living & thinking
  • Social evils/costume are being eliminated gradually
Building Organization Federation
  • 32 village panchayat level federation
  • 5 Nyay panchayat level federation
  • One District level federation ( Named as KARUNASHRAY MAHILA MANDAL SAMITI this is a district level women's forum for their rights)
  • Each member feel collective strength
  • Advocacy
Building Organization Village Information centre

Run at 3 places:-

  • Vallipur
  • Chhatauna
  • Darawa
  • Getting right information
  • No role of village level mediator
  • One can take self decision
Building Organization Kishori group
  • 210 members
  • Sensitized for their legal rights
  • Life orientation training
Building Organization Rickshaw Chalak welfare Association
  • 30 members
  • Conducted meeting and training on health issues in every month
  • KSSK offer for their own Rickshaw if they would contribute some money, 6 person are depositing Rs. 200/- in every Saturday.
  • This offer is supported by Our honorable provincial at Sr. Rittie.
  • Karunashray Hospital provide them free health services & medicine for their family
  • Organize as a welfare association
  • Remove their bad habits
  • They feel solidarity

Mode Of Awareness Creation

  • One to one/door to door meeting
  • One to group meeting
  • Wall writing
  • Puppetry
  • Street play
  • Chaupal
  • Video show
  • Rally